Ah, trends… what’s hot, what’s not, that’s so passe and usually becomes so five years ago.

Trends are in one day out the next, at least until the next season or two after that, then recycled all over again. Trends are great ways to create an idea of a style you want to make your own or they’re just an expensive hobby that will eventually cause you to go broke. Depending on what’s in style and what’s not is based on personal preference, not by a celebrity or the fashion police. Could you imagine if those (fashion police) existed? Half the American population would probably be ticketed.

Sometimes the pieces we choose become what is hot for the moment, and that’s okay. However, not everyone’s body type is constructed the same way, therefore most of us can’t always pull off what the models on the runways or celebrities wear. Celebrities and looks from the runways provide great inspiration, so steal bits from that and conjure up a look of your own and own it.

Flaunt it!

Choose an area you want to flatter most/draw attention to. Sure, the oversized excess dolman boxy t’s are comfortable but wearing them with unforgiving fluttery pants will make you look ridiculous and feel like a circus tent. Try not to throw all the trends together or you’ll just be a show to the many spectators that pass you by.

Often the outfits we throw together are done effortlessly and right before we walk out the door. I like to dress how I feel and depending on the weather usually helps make that decision, but not always. You want your outfit to look stylishly effortless rather than as though you spent hours trying to decide what shoes to wear with what dress or if you should wear a headband, necklace or a galore of bangles. Your purse and shoes don’t always have to match. Steer clear of matching shoes, handbag and waist belt, that’s too safe, take risks! Mix and match patterns of all sorts; stripes with polka dots, plaid with floral, and whoever said navy and black or black and brown was a no no was wrong. I love navy and black together! Summer clothes can be mixed with winter! Suede shoes in the summer and winter are always fashionable.

Ignore the brand, seek the indies!

Brands build their reputation and foundation through word of advertisement, word of mouth, and celebrities. Oy. Vey. Do not become a label snob or someone who has to tell us who they’re wearing and how much you paid, keep us wondering. Paying thousands of dollars for a designer shirt, dress, pair of pants or shorts will only break your bank account and leave you with less articles of clothing to buy and wear out. If you love it and find value in something, go for it, but if it’s to say you own Prada, Gucci, YSL, or Chanel then you probably won’t appreciate it as much.

Just because a designer is not well known at the moment doesn’t mean they won’t become the next Karl Lagerfield or Alexander McQueen. Indie designers create pieces with a unique sense of flare that set them apart from the rest. Their pieces are often more bold, their patterns are more vivid and loud and they’re usually one of a kind and not mass produced. Some can be pricey, but it is well worth the investment. Most small boutique’s carry local indie designers, so be sure to check them out.

One girls trash, you’re treasure

Stepping into a Vintage and Thrift shop is often like stepping into a different realm, it also gives you a chance to make your style more creative and a look that is all your own. Depending on what you’re looking for vintage and thrift stores carry a wide range of classic oldie pieces that make you wonder whether you’re buying a costume to other pieces that are as new as the shirt you bought yesterday. Vintage pieces can be a classic piece to your contemporary style as well as a unique piece nobody else owns. More and more websites specialize in only vintage or have a combination of both contemporary and vintage.

Work it, own it!

Always have confidence in whatever outfit you put together. Posture is important even though most of us (me, especially) don’t always work on it. Shoulders back, bend and snap, whatever it takes to get you to stand up straight helps exceed your confidence. If you have a knock out outfit but lack confidence or posture, it shows and it’s not always pretty.