You’ve probably spotted a pack of twenty-somethings running around with what appears to be the heads of their once adored stuffed animals for hats, but you’ve really stumbled upon the latest trends from
Spirit Hoods. I fell in love with Spirit Hoods shopping online then saw the real thing on twenty-somethings running up to meet or send former President Bush Senior into an early grave at a Fashion Show in Houston. My sister immediately had to have one and ordered the Panda. I love them all and am very wild at heart, so narrowing it down to one hasn’t been easy. They say the one you’re most drawn to is your animal spirit and each has it’s own detailed meaning.

Which one are you?

“Each design is unique, with custom features like zippers, pockets, furs, liners, buttons etc. Every time you change a design or make a new design it poses problems with manufacturing. That’s why you see such a high price point. You are paying for these things; for quality. We aren’t making a generic shirt or hat, and we try hard to brand it as such.”
via: darkdiamond.net

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