When it comes to shopping, I prefer to shop online. It’s so much easier to stay at home rather than having to battle traffic and lines, and they might not have that particular dress, shirt, pair of pants or shoes, etc. Plus, you don’t always have to pay taxes, there’s coupon codes available and you won’t always find that dress, shirt, pair of pants or shoes in a store, but you’ll find it online.

One thing I loathe about certain retail websites is when they use celebrity photos to sell the product. What if I don’t like that celebrity? I might be less inclined to buy that product because I might not like that particular celebrity. Also, the lighting is usually way off and if someone wants to have an idea about how it fits, they can’t offer the models dimensions unless they have that particular celebrities measurements. Not every girl has the body of a supermodel, so we all won’t look like her or have our clothes fit us the same way. I prefer to know the size the model is wearing and to know her measurements, especially if I’m not familiar with the brand and how it fits.

If you’re tall and lean Black Orchid Denim jeans fit beautifully and make your ass look great.

Check out the photo of Alessandra Ambrosio in Black Orchid Black Jewel Jeggings in Equinox. Then compare the other pair on a regular model with different lighting. The pair Alessandra is wearing has a more blue hue when she’s outside [pic in the middle] versus the other pair inside a studio. Initially, I was more drawn to them because of the hint of blue, but what the hell, I need a pair of black jeggings and I love Black Orchid Denim.

Do you think the Black Orchid Black Jewel Jegging in Equinox and The Black Orchid Black Jewel Five Pocket Jegging in Winter Black look similar aside from their $48 price difference?

Alessandra Ambrosio in Black Orchid Black Jewel Jegging in Equinox