Noir and CC Skye spike jewelry

Who needs brass knuckles when you can have spikes galore all over your wrists and fingers. We love any type of jewelry that brings on a little edge and rocker chic style. Wear them with sequins, skinnies, cutoffs, the possibilities are endless. Check out the selection we put together.

1.  Marley B Parker Double Pyramid Stud Ring

2.  Noir – Spike Ring Set

3.  Noir – Womens 3 Cone Stackable Ring Set

4.  CC SKYE Gold Spike Bracelet

5.  Spike Earrings

6.  CC Skye Mercy Spike Bracelet

7.  nOir The Spike ring

8.  Studs and Spikes Ring

9.  Noir – New Large Spike Ring

10.  Noir – Stretch Pyramid Bracelet  (ON SALE)