There is no better time than right in the middle of Fashion Week Madness to launch a collection and that is exactly what Brian Atwood did.

Throughout the country, Saks Fifth Avenue has been teaming up with local bloggers to spread the word of Brian Atwood’s new contemporary line, B Brian Atwood.

The martini’s flowed throughout the night at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Shoes On One + Fashionably Broke as party goers got an exclusive look at this classically edgy line. Laura Mercier provided touch ups as ladies stepped into the shoes and showed them off to their friends. We also teamed up with The Do Bar for $10 off if you posted your favorite B Brian Atwood Shoe. The event included an A-list group of people and fashionistas including: Lauren Pray, Tiffany Whiteley, Heather Pray, Cara Crafton, Samira Salman, Mary Nichols, Shiva Rafferty, Kristin Cannon, Aries Milan, Heather Staible, Daniel Ortiz, Crystal Saldivar, David Rassin, James Phelan, and Michael Coppens.

B Brian Atwood Launch at Saks: Tiffany Whiteley and Lauren Pray

A Posh Event at Saks

B Brian Atwood Saks