Ladies, we all know skin care is a big concern for us and we spend thousands of dollars on products and treatments to obtain “perfect” skin. THANKFULLY, we now have Pimples & Wrinkles; a new blog devoted to helping us find the perfect products and treatments to reach our skin goals. What a fabulous concept!!
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About: Pimples & Wrinkles:
Are you tired of having pimples AND wrinkles? So unfair! Are you lost in a sea of skin care products? How do you help prevent aging but also treat blemishes? Are you wandering through the aisles of Sephora, CVS, Ulta, Walgreens, and department stores in a web of anti-aging products with claims like ”Radiance” “Youthful Glow” “Whitening” “Clarity” “Resilience” “Anti-Aging” “Anti-Blemish”, thinking: I want all of those things! What do I buy? Do I have to buy a product for every single one of these things!? Tired of deciphering labels?

Well so are we!

Elizabeth & Robyn are 2 sisters with a passion ( some might say obsession! ) for skin care . We avidly search through beauty blogs, websites, magazines, pharmacies, beauty counters, doctors, facialists (etc!) for everything and anything to find just the right product. Our goal is to provide a site that has clear and unbiased reviews of skin care lines, written by women who actually have (or hopefully had) real skin care problems. We want to help arm you with the right products for your skin care arsenal. In short, we want to pass on what we learn to you and provide a forum to hear your thoughts as well. This site is devoted to the over 30 crowd searching for perfect skin, or at least as close as you can get to it!

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