I had the privilege of interviewing Christian Siriano about his Gold Collection for Payless for jaymarroquin.com

Check out what Christian had to say about his most recent Payless collection and be sure to swing by your local Payless to snag a pair of fabulous shoes that won’t bust your budget before it’s too late!

Also, be sure to check out the amazing photos of Christian’s shoes for Payless taken by Jay Marroquin here.

Questions asked: (see video for response from Christian)

1. Do your Spring, Fall or past collections ever inspire what you create for Payless?

2.Knowing that you’re designing an affordable collection for Payless, how restricted are you creatively by production cost?

3. What major items or things impact production cost?

4. Tell us about a normal workday, specifically now that you’re collaborating more on a corporate level?

5. Everyone wants to know, at some point will you be collaborating with stores to bring your clothing line to more of the masses?

p.s. Thank you, Jay! xxo

Curious about the jacket I’m wearing? It’s One Teaspoon “Smoking Jacket”